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Hall of Fame Award - This award may be given to any QCWA member who has made an outstanding contribution to amateur radio in general or to the communications community in matters affecting the general public. The contribution may be a single event or multiple events which has earned the recipient substantial favorable recognition at the national or international level. It is the most prestigious award given by QCWA. The requirements should not be relaxed in order to give it in any given year. To maintain the prestige associated with this award, as with all of the Honor Awards, it should be given only when it is truly deserved. The Hall of Fame was established by the Board September 6, 1979.   Hall of Fame Award

1980Ray Meyers W6MLZ
1981Bill Halligan W9AC
1982Barry Goldwater K7UGA
1983Jean Wolff LX1JW
1984Don Wallace W6AM
1986George Sterling W1AE
1987Vic Clark W4KFC
1991Richard Baldwin W1RU
1994Leo Meyerson WØGFQ
1995John Johnston W3BE
1996Fred Hammond VE3HC
L. B. Cebik W4RNL
Lew McCoy W1ICP
2001Walt Maxwell W2DU
2003L. B. Cebik W4RNL
Jim Haynie W5JBP
Fred Maia W5YI
2004Dave Bell W6AQ
William Pasternak WA6ITF
2005Hugh Turnbull W3ABC
Roger Volk KØGOB
2006Larry Price W4RA
2007Robert Heil K9EID
2010Croft Taylor VE3CT
2011Chuck Walbridge K1IGD

Roll of Honor Award - This award may be given to any QCWA member who has made a substantial contribution to QCWA, amateur radio or the general public in the area of communications. Unlike the requirements for the Hall of Fame Award, national or international recognition of his achievements is not a requirement. The Roll of Honor Award was established May 16, 1981.   Roll of Honor Award

1981John DiBlasiW2FX
Gus Gironda W2JE
1985Amory "Bud" Waite W2ZK
1986Earl Thomas W2MM
Ralph Barber W2ZM
1987Ethel Smith K4LMB
1989Leland Smith W5KL
1993Albert Kahn K4FW
Frank Gunther W2ALS
1996John Williamson W3GC
Wesley Randles W4COW
2003James Walsh W7LVN
2005Beverley Stoner K8ZJU
2006Ken Oelke VE6AFO
2007Hamilton "Ham" HicksKB4BR
2009Alan Pickering KJ9N
2010George Roach VE3BNO

John DiBlasi Award - This award may be awarded to any QCWA member who has over a long period of time made an outstanding contribution to the honor and preservation of our Association. The John DiBlasi Award was established in honor of our first president, W2FX on April 15, 1984   John DiBlasi Award

1984Harold SearsW5NC
Owen Garriott W5LFL
1988Clarence Seid W2KW
1989Frank Lester W4AMJ
Ralph Hasslinger W2CVF
Irving Groves K4HT
Nat Burnett K4OL
Moe Joffe W6PHE
Robert Baird W9NN
1993Arthur Miligan W8KW
1994Helen Schmock W8GJX
2005Croft Taylor VE3CT
2006Alan Pickering KJ9N
2010Blanche Randles W4GXZ
2012Leland 'Buddy' SmithW4YE
2018Vic Culver W4VIC
2018Bob Roske NØUF
2022Bob Buus W2OD

Distinguished Service Award - This award may be given to any QCWA member in recognition of outstanding service to QCWA. The award was established September 12, 1975.   Distinguished Service Award

1975Dr. Walsh W2BW
1978Mark Devaney K4IDC
1988Dave Talley W2PF
1989Hugh Turnbull W3ABC
Fred Hammond VE3HC
1990Herb Gleed W6FQ
1991Esther Given W6BDE
1992Art Monsees W4BK
Ted Heithecker W5EJ
Stuart Meyer W2GHK
1993Frank Gunther W2ALS
1994Ken Miller K6IR
1996Richard O'Brien NJ2J
1997Gene Williamson K7DBV
2000Duke Knief W4DK
2005George Hart W1NJM
2006Al LaPeter W2AS
2007Bob Roske NØUF

Member of the Year Award - This award may be given to the QCWA member who has made the greatest contribution to QCWA or amateur radio during the preceding year. The award may be given more than once to the same member. The Member of the Year award was established September 21, 1978. (Criteria revised 4/8/83) (Wording revised 5/92)

1979Ed TrombleyW8CAM
W.M. McRae W9RC
1981Lew Sieck K4NE
1982Herb Gleed W6FQ
1984Elbert Gunn W5FU
1991Leo Meyerson WØGFQ
1996Blanche Randles W4GXZ
1997Alvin Smith WØPEX
2000Leroy Baldwin WØOFY
2002Carey Alexander K8DOT
2003Patsy Jones W5SBF
2005Gary Harrison KØBC
2006Ed Yoder W3YMB
2009Vic Culver W4VIC

Presidential Award - This award, or as many such awards as the President may choose, can be given in any year. Only the President can make the award. The Board may only recommend recipients.

1988John D. KrausW8JK
Byron H. Goodman W1DX
H.H. Beverage 2BML
1989John Huntoon W1RW
Stewart S. Perry W1BB
1990Bruce L. Kelley W2ICE
1991Dave Bell W6AQ
Armin Meyer W3ACE
Noel Eaton VE3CJ
1992Edward P. Tilton W1HDQ
Roy Neal K6DUE
Laird Campbell W1CUT
Richard C. Kirby WØLCT
1993William Tynan W3XO
Katashi Nose KH6IJ
Carol Perry WB2MGP
1994Jerry Sevick W2FMI
Bill Orr W6SAI
1995George Hart W1NJM
Phil Rand W1DBM
Tom Carten K1PZU
Bruce Kelly W2ICE
1996Doug DeMaw W1FB
1998M. Walter Maxwell W2DU
2000Joseph Casey KB1YX
Riley Hollingsworth K4ZDH
2002Ms. Darlene Reader FCC
Mr. Larry Weikert FCC
John King K5CDV
Alan Pickering KJ9N
2003Benny J. Smith Jr WØJOE
Richard E. Newsome WØHXL
2004Thomas B.J. Atkins VE3CDM
2005Edward F. Everett W1ALE
Robert Cumming W2BZY
Les Jamison WR3X
Stephen A. Cerwin WA5FRF
Ron Stier W9ICZ
Chip Margelli KJ7A
Ken Miller W6CTW
Diane Zimmerman AA3OF
2006Chuck Walbridge K1IGD
Gerd Schrick WB8IFM
George Roach VE3BNO
Mort & Roberta Cohen WA2ARS
Larocca 'Rocky' JonesKC4UXO
Gordon West WB6NOA
Hans Napfel WB2ZZB
Quentin Jones KU4WD
Ray Johnson K5RJ
Paul Turner W1DLP
2007Alice King AI4K
Woody Brem K3YV
Walt Maxwell W2DU
Ken Simpson W8EK
Pete Hansen W8TWA
Jim Cross WI3N
Roland Anders K3RA
Bob Rose AA3RR
Chip Morgan N3IW
Norm Gertz K1AA
Ken McKee W3RFQ
2008Mort & Roberta Cohen WA2ARS
Al LaPeter W2AS
Allen Tinker W1AAT
Bob Zeida N1BLF
John Johnston W3BE
2011Bob Buus W2OD
Vic Culver W4VIC
Howard Cunningham WD5DBC
Ron Fish KX1W
Roger Volk K0GOB
2014Myron Cherry K4YA
Bob Roske NØUF
Roberta Cohen WA2FRW
Jim Perry KJ3P
2017Vic Culver W4VIC
2018Ron Fish KX1W
2019Tom Kelly AB6Z
2019 Sonia Kalir AB6Z's XYL
2019 Neil Herber VE3PUE
2019 Rich Wilson WR4RW
2022Doug Gordon W6KE
2022Bob Winston W2THU
2022Jeannie St. Marie KC8MNW
2022George Harizal K8HLJ

60-60 Award - Awarded for making 60, two-way contacts with 60 different QCWA Members between May 17, 2007 and June 30, 2008.
60-60 Award

Ron Toller N4US 12-Jul-07 for
Ray Czyzewski WA2SEI 22-Jul-07 for
Ray Johnson K5RJ 22-Sep-07 during
Croft Taylor VE3CT 22-Sep-07 during
Skip Amis N5CFM 10-Oct-07 during & Special
George Rouman W8OWN 11-Dec-07 during
Gerald Nowicki KG8N 14-Dec-07 during
Kevin Lynch N1KL 22-Dec-07 during
Albert A. Cassano N3NH 22-Dec-07 during
Patrick Mulreany WX7M 19-Jan-08 during
Fritz Zingel KA2FCG 19-Jan-08 during
John Clement W2FC 27-Jan-08 during
Bob Gurka AI4IL 12-Feb-08 during
John Talboys N8OR 12-Feb-08 during
Ken Bills W9KB 21-Feb-08 during
Kenneth Brown KE9TC 25-Feb-08 during
Dave Vest KZ4G 28-Feb-08 during
Ellwood Brem K3YV 06-Mar-08 during
Walt Metcalf N9FR 11-Mar-08 during
Doug Hendricks N7UT 11-Mar-08 during
Ed Jackson W8WJ 16-Mar-08 during
Nelson Seese W4BHD 16-Mar-08 during
James Logie N4VH 16-Mar-08 during
Steven R. Pike AA1ZQ 04-Apr-08 during
Richard Karpinen K6LJC 04-Apr-08 during
Ken Simpson W8EK 13-Apr-08 during
David Vest K8DV 13-Apr-08 during
George Hughes AF4GH 13-Apr-08 during
John Gianotti W9WY 17-Apr-08 during
Jim Meade NO0B 22-Apr-08 during
James Rounds K9WA 22-Apr-08 during
W.R. "Sonny" Hood K4WYS 08-May-08 during
R.A. "Dick" Church N4ARO 13-May-08 during
Lawyer F. Durr W9GI 15-May-08 during
John Nesladek WB0VBW 25-May-08 during
Edward F. Erickson W2CVW 29-May-08 during
Charles Chapman W1WTG 26-Jun-08 during
Harvey Rubin KA4SSH 28-Jun-08 during
Nathern B. Priddy K5VIP 17-Jul-08 during

Service Awards: Members may request these awards on the Members Only webpage. If QCWA has your email address you should have access.

Anniversary Certificate - These certificates are issued by QCWA Headquarters to celebrate 30 to 90 years of licensing. Certificates are issued without charge to eligible members (maybe requested by the local Chapter Secretary or the individual). Anniversary Certificates are issued in five (5) year increments with special awards for 70 or more years.  30 Yr  35 Yr   40 Yr   45 Yr  50 Yr   55 Yr   60 Yr  65 Yr   70 Yr   75 Yr   80 Yr   85 Yr

50 Year Continuous Licensing Certificate - This certificate requires submission of proof of having continuously held an Amateur Radio license over a period of 50 years.     Application     Award

Century Club Certificate - This certificate is issued to QCWA members whose age, when added to their number of continuous years as a QCWA member totals 100 or more.     Century Club Certificate

Meritorious Award Certificate - Requested by a chapter to recognize the outstanding service of a chapter member. As a general policy one Meritorious Service Certificate will be issued to a chapter each year.     Meritorious Award Certificate

Operating Awards: These awards are issued as a PDF file that is viewable and printable by Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Print the award on a white or colored bond paper, using parchment paper looks good too!

The rules for these 3 Awards are:
        QCWA member must be a current (dues paid) member at the time of the QSO.
        QSO list is to be sorted by QCWA Number.
        Required fields are: QCWA number, callsign, name and date.
        The Worked 50 States award also requires the State.
        The Worked 60 Chapters award also requires the Chapter Number.

Contact the Certificate Custodian via to apply for these awards. Complete and attach this Excel Spreadsheet for each award.

Worked 50 States Awards - issued to members for contacting members in each state of the union.     Award # 2009-001

Worked 60 Chapters Awards - issued to members for contacting 60 QCWA Members in 60 different chapters.

Worked 100 Members Awards - issued to members for contacting 100 QCWA Members who were a paid up member at the time of contact.  Award # 001 (1998)   Award # 002 (2008)
  Award # 003 (2022)