WX1MAN - John Trout WX1MAN

John Trout
Delmar, MD

QCWA # 31390
Chapter 6

I work for Westwood One Radio powered by CNN - as a Network Radio News Anchor. I can be heard on affiliate radio stations around the world top and bottom of the hour. The newscasts originate from Westwood One, located in the CBS Radio-Television studios, Washington, DC. The CBS show "Face The Nation" is shot live in the building as well as the production of "60 Minutes". CBS Radio News when it does not originate from New York is anchored next to our CNN studios. I'm also a Meteorologist. My profile pic is in front of "Chopper 16" part of the WBOC television news where I was an on camera Meteorologist.

WX1MAN - John Trout

April 30, 2015