WP4F - Daniel E. Ponce Sr WP4F

Daniel E. Ponce Sr
Bayamon, PR

QCWA # 34066

CW is a language that relatively few member's of the world's population even remotely comprehends. We have the ability to hear trough the atmospheric noise and make sense of "dits" and "dahs", voiced code-words, and even at times "make sense" out of unusual silences. The wireless communicating is changing more and more rapidly as each year comes into focus and disappears over the horizon. But in spite of the adoption of geopositioning satellites, burst transmissions at thousands of characters per second, and spread-spectrum techniques for making our communications confidential, CW is an art that will be with us for centuries to come.

I learned from Willian C. Werner KP4DJ(SK), a lot of these art. Friends like Ben Lamboy KP4CA (SL) Renato Bringas KP4U, Jose Rodriguez KP3W, and Hector Perez NP4FW, keep the art with us alive forever.

January 3, 2015