Mike Sullivan
Albuquerque, NM

QCWA # 36524
Chapter 94

Born 8 March 1949 which makes me if I remember my elementary school math 66 years old. Grew up in San Antonio TX. Lived there till 1957 when I moved to Larson AFB in central Washington where I lived for 5 years till my dad retired from the US Air Force when we returned to TX. In 1966 I entered the Army eventually spending 10 years active and nearly 5 years reserve time. Just before I went in the Army I got my 1st ham ticket. Eventually got out of the Army but I'm still in Ham Radio. My Army years took me to Viet Nam, Korea and twice to Germany. Stints as a MARS operator in both Viet Nam and Germany. Stateside assingments included schooling and Ft Carson, CO and Ft Sill, OK

After the Army time spent in CO, OK and many years in Spokane WA. A couple of marriags and a grown son. Got tired of the winters in Eastern WA and went to Bainbridge Island in Puget Sound for a couple of years. Wanderlust still lived in my soul so a return to the South West brought me to Albuuerque in Spring of 2013.

Sometime Dxer and contester. Member of QCWA and YLISSB and a SR Life member of 10-10.

September 20, 2015