WG5N - Dale H. Chrisman WG5N

Dale H. Chrisman
Valliant, OK

QCWA # 34984
Chapter 63

Hello and thanks for looking up my call. I was first licensed in 1976 as WN5UCQ. Other calls I have held are: WB5UCQ, KE5YUG and the current WG5N.

I particularly enjoy working DX as well as just simple rag-chewing anywhere on the bands. I really have got into HF Digital - particularly JT-65 and just recently JT-9. The digital modes are an easy way to work the world with 5 - 20 watts. Just recently got a 160 Meter Inverted Vee up at 73 feet to the apex. I have been having a lot of fun particularly on JT-65 with the new wire.

I also check in pretty regularly on the Geratol Net on 3.668 in the Extra class portion of the band. It is a worked all states net. My Geratol number is 2575 and Director's number is 678. There you can find a great bunch of guys and I have a ton of fun.

My HF rig is a Yaesu FT 950 currently using a Pro Set Elite headset. Amp is an Ameritron AL-82. It works! I am running a couple of dipoles . one oriented east to west and one oriented north to south. They seem to work pretty well. I finally got my 2nd tower project finnished. It is at 70 foot Rohn 25G that equipped with a tilt base and winch. I have a Cushcraft A4S on it at about 73 feet. The original tower which is 73 feet has a pair of 11 element 2 Meter beams at 78 feet and a Hustler G6-144 Omni at about 83 feet. Photo below is of the second tower with A4S and a 80 meter inverted vee.

I work at a railcar repair facility as the AAR Billing Manager. That inludes the fun of dealing with the customers and railcar owners. Sometimes it is quite challenging. Overall I enjoy my work - a lot of playng on a computer.

I also enjoy working on towers (as a hobby) and have taken down and put up several towers around our area. The first picture is of a 120 foot Rohn 25G tower that I was preparing to disassemble and the second picture is of me getting ready to strip the tower before unstacking it

My wife Debbie is also licensed as KF5BER and she enjoys and supports me in my radioing activities as well as in hunting and fishing which we thoroughly enjoy.

I QSL 100%. Please send direct. No Bureau for now. I will be glad to return.

Dale WG5N

WG5N - Dale H. Chrisman

November 27, 2016