Daniel M. 'Dan' Franz
Cottage Grove, MN

QCWA # 34190
Chapter 8
WDØGUP - Daniel M. 'Dan' Franz

First licensed in 1977 as a Novice with my current call WDØGUP. Spent my first few years listening more then talking, upgraded to Tech+ in 1982. For the next 10 years spent most of my time on 2m, 220, 440 on SSB, FM, and packet. At the time 5 WPM was a struggle. With Novice enhancement in 1987 I spent lots of time on 10 meters, and with the sunspot cycle on the rise propagation was phenomenal. Many many late nights on 10 meters with my FT-101EE, Dentron Super Tuner and End-fed inverted "L" 20' up and 67' long.

Spring of 1988 brought a lot of change. Closed on our first house in Cottage Grove, MN March of 1988. HF station was down for about 2 years but there was plenty of time for 2 meters and up. When the HF wire went backup I started burning up the clouds on 10 meters again until 1998. I passed my General 13 WPM code. Look out HF I'm a general now.

I spent a lot of time exploring the bands. Mostly on 20 mtr and 80 mtr. I spent Field Days with my Father-in-law (WØKHG SK) up at the lake in Ashby as 1D. I also spent field days with my club operating SSB on any band I could. I also was working SSTV and PSK31 now for field day. My father-in-law also introduced me to a wonderful bunch of gentlemen on saturday mornings that are menbers of the QCWA chatper #8. I also met another bunch of hams on the 3900 club on sunday mornings compliments of my father-in-law.

In 2005 two significant things happened. I attended the BSA National Jamboree on staff with the K2BSA bunch asa Radio Merit Badge Councilor. The second was at the Jamboree I upgraded to Extra Class. Also my friend Tom (now kcØuyb) who was there as an assistant scout master earned his Technician license. One additional thing was I put up an Inverted Vee for 80 mtrs. I use a tuner for the higher bands.

Starting in 2003 I host a JOTA (Jamboree On The Air) event every fall (third weekend in October) for Cub Scouts to get interested in Amateur Radio. Starting in 2005 (at the JOTA Event) I started teaching the Radio Merit badge and a year or two later I added another session in the Winter with a Boy Scout Merit Badge Day in our Scouting District. With the help of my local Amateur Radio club and other Scouters We have served about 300 Cub Scouts and 245 Radio Merit Badges.

As you can see Scouting is competing for my Amateur Radio time. In 2009 I completed construction of a communications trailer that I now use for Field Day and tow to some Scouting events. The Radios can be operated by Battery or generator. My solution for camping time is Battery power, a solar panel and a VenTenna Back Packing antenna so I can operate from my Tent.

WDØGUP - Daniel M. 'Dan' Franz
Eyeball QSL

January 20, 2013