WC2L - William R. 'Will' Liporace WC2L

William R. 'Will' Liporace
Niskayuna, NY

QCWA # 38020
First Call: KB2HUN issued in 1989

Operate most HF all bands and modes.

Recently started to play with RemoteRig. Lots to learn and many tihngs to improve. I have a K3/0 Mini setup in a carrying case. Nothing special and still learning.

Run an AR-Cluster Node at DXC.WC2L.COM. Setup a FT8 node as well. http://dxc.wc2l.com/FT8Web Works pretty cool for those that want to check it. The node also has a RF Port for curretnly one or two users.

WC2L - William R. 'Will' Liporace
FT-1000, Ten Tec Titan w/ 238 Tuner, Nel-Tek DVK-100, Homebrew CMOS Super Keyer III
KB running on a SuSE 10.3 PC for the Contest Logging Software
KK1L 2x6 Antenna Switch Controller, Belkin KMV switch for multiple PCs
The remote tunner controller for the low bands and the node RF radio

WC2L - William R. 'Will' Liporace
TS-790 w. 2, 440, 1.2, Rotor Control for HF & Satellite, Accu keyer

WC2L - William R. 'Will' Liporace
Station is in a 7' x 10' area. Not fancy but works.
Notice my mascot (from my son) TAZ is important!!

WC2L - William R. 'Will' Liporace

WC2L - William R. 'Will' Liporace
Elecraft K3S/K3, Acom 2000a (borrowed), Cushcraft X9, XM-240, D3W, 75/80 vertical dipole, 160 vertical dipole
Yaesu G-1000 with the Green Heron RT-21 Controller, Tristao TX-455 (currently a US Tower TX-455), TenTec 238 Tuner

I use a KK1L 2x6 antenna switch. This is a great SO2R or just a great switch for two radios on one antenna system
Navigator for the digital modes. Typically FT-8, PSK32 or RTTY.

September 07, 2019