WB4FSF - Bonnie W. Taylor WB4FSF

Bonnie W. Taylor
Sanford, FL

QCWA # 25228
Chapter 45

Hello. I was first licensed April 21, 1967 as WN4FSF. One year later I obtained my General Class License.

Over the years, I have upgraded to Extra.

I have lived most of my life right here in Sanford. Now that I am recently widowed, I am thinking more travel is in order.

In the meantime, I operate CW mostly as often as I can. My favorite band has always been 40 meters for a nice ragchew. I also enjoy working DX stations as the station set up here will allow so I hope to QSO you soon! :)

I have achieved several operating awards such as WAC, DXCC, and WAS. My greatest honor was when I was accepted as a member of the FOC. My FOC number is 1929.

August 17, 2015