Gregory 'Greg' Grambor
Brandon, FL

QCWA # 21732
WB2GMK - Gregory 'Greg' Grambor

First licensed 1962 as WN2GMK. Upgraded from Novice and got WB2GMK in 1963.Operated as HL9UH in Korea during a tour of duty with US Army Signal Corp 1969-1970. Also operated as WB2GMK/G2, WB2GMK/TF and WB2GMK/C6.

Operate 160 through six meters. Favorite activity is DX, but I am not very competitive about it, I just like to relax and enjoy it. Also enjoy digital modes, PSK31, Helleschriber, RTTY, etc.

Member of ARRL, RSGB, DXCC, QCWA,..When not on the air my other leisure activities include hunting, fishing, cooking, enjoying fine wines and good cigars. The dog? He belongs to my grandaughters. Name is Radar (note the ears). I think I might be able to use him to get on the microwaves.

Professionally, I spent about 18 years on Madison Avenue, New York City, in the advertising business. Owned an agency, Schachter, Grambor & Associates, Inc. for about 8 years, which did technical/industrial advertising including ham radio advertising under the name WB2GMK Advertising. Sold out and moved to Florida for the sunshine and warm weather, where I now own and operate a medical equipent company. I welcome communications from all hams: my home phone is 813-653-3131 -- email at wb2gmk@arrl.net -

Also a member of Knights of Columbus at my local parish St Stephen, Valrico,FL and our local Assembly of 4th Degree knights. Member as well of the Rough Riders,1st United States Volunteer Cavalry, memorializing Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders who bivouacked in Tampa for 16 months before settingsail to Cuba to fight the Battle on San Juan Hill on foot ,,,, since most of their horses drowned getting off the ships!They made a lot of Tampa bar owners and hookers awful happy back then! But that was then and this is now and we mostly hold charity fund raisers, bring Teddy Bears to kids in hospitals, and march in Tampa's annual Gasparilla Parade, which is part of a big festival memorializing the terrible pirate Jose Gaspar who used to run things around here back when Florida belonged to Spain. FUN STUFF!

April 29, 2015