WB2CYJ - Paul D. Jasiewicz WB2CYJ

Paul D. Jasiewicz
Lynchburg, VA

QCWA # 35385
Chapter 202

First licensed in 1962 as WN2EJH and later as Technician WB2EJH. Changed call to WB8NZX in Ohio. Changed to current call WB2CYJ under vanity rule. WB2CYJ belonged to Frank W. Jasiewicz (My Dad) until his passing in 1985.I have 2 children (all grown) and one grandson. Hams in the family included my wife Debbie KK4DFV and my cousin Ed Jasiewicz, KA2ZTU. Recently retired from Harris RF Communications as an Implementation Systems Engineer. My last Harris project was a P25 Phase 2 Trunked 700MHz radio system. Member of Lynchburg Amateur Radio Club (LARC), QCWA, AWA, Mercedes Club and Checker Car Club of America. Upgraded to Extra August 4, 2010. I have equipment on HF, 6M, 2M Multi Modes at home and operate HF, 2M and 440 mobile. I had been on 6M AM in the '60's when the whole neighborhood knew I was on the air. Thank goodness for cable and satellite these days.

Primary rig is still my FT301, FV301, YO301 and FL2100 Amp. I primarily work 40 and 20 SSB from here. I also have an Icom IC-756 + Dentron Clipperton QRO, IC-706 MKIIG (in the mobiles) and various 2m/440 plus 220 MHz gear.

For AM, I have a Johnson Viking II and HQ129X

Unfortunately, my sweetheart and wife Debbie KK4DFV became a Silent Key December 7, 2013.

June 01, 2015