WB2ART - Kenneth W. Kaplan WB2ART

Kenneth W. Kaplan
Oakdale, NY

QCWA # 28979

I was first licensed as a Novice in 1962 as WN2ART.I upgraded to Technician in 1963. In those days, I was on 6 and 2 meter am. In the 90's, I upgraded to General, Advanced and Extra.

I am on the air mostly in cw and digital contests. The shack, in the basement of our townhouse has: an Elecraft K3 #253 (sold) and K2 #769(sold). The antenna is a small SteppIR vertical next to our townhouse, and is on common property (The townhouse is an end unit, no one really knows it is there, plus I had permission from the builder, who also installed a conduit for the transmission and control lines!). An Elecraft KX3 #4743 + KXPA100 is the main rig. I'm also a VE with the Islip (Long Island) ARES Group. We have test sessions the 3rd Thursday of each month.

WB2ART - Kenneth W. Kaplan

July 24, 2015