Dale Svetanoff
Monticello, IA

QCWA # 23985
Chapter 123
WA9ENA - Dale Svetanoff

Dale G. Svetanoff, WA9ENA, has been licensed continuously since June, 1962. My interests in amateur radio include rag chewing, county hunting, homebrew and kit building (sure do miss Heathkits!), emergency communications, operating boat anchors, and a real emphasis on the bands from 50 MHz and above. I am currently active on 160m through 70cm (yes, that includes the 222 MHz band), with plans to get on the 33cm and 23cm bands in the near future. I am out in the country with enough room for 3 towers, the main one being just under 100 feet tall when fully decked out all of the VHF and UHF antennas. I presently use wire antennas on 160m and HF, except for an elevated vertical for 10m.

I consider my Collins S-Line to be my main HF station, with help from some Heathkits and an Alinco DX-70TH, which also serves as my main 160m and 6m rig at this time. I am equipped to operate SSB, CW, and FM on 6m, 2m, and 70cm. I can also do AM on 6m and 2m, and I presently have FM only on the 222 MHz band. I try to use a separate rig for every VHF/UHF band so that I can monitor all bands at once, since one never knows when a band opening will occur. I am an active AMer on HF with my "mighty" DX-40 and HQ-110 station, with the capability to upgrade soon to a Viking II transmitter or to add a Heath HA-10 Warrior linear to the output of the DX-40.

I retired in late 2010 from Rockwell Collins, where I was a Senior EMC engineer. My electronics career spanned more than 40 years, having started with Western Electric in 1967, and subsequently working in medical and industrial x-ray systems and the RF shielding business prior to joining Collins in late 1999. I just formed my company, E-N-A Systems, LLC, as a consulting firm specializing in applications of RF shielding, grounding systems, and lightning protection. My company also deals in the buy/sell/trade of vintage communications and test equipment.

I had the honor and pleasure to serve as a Director of Chapter 2 when I lived in the Chicago area and am presently Vice-President of Chapter 123 in Iowa. One of my great thrills was meeting the late W0GFQ, Leo Meyerson, back in my Chapter 2 days. He attended one of our summer luncheons and played the organ for our entertainment. QCWA is loaded with wonderful people of many talents and backgrounds, which makes it such a fine organization of which I am proud to be a member.

WA9ENA - Dale Svetanoff

WA9ENA - Dale Svetanoff

Sept 1, 2012