WA8FOZ - William M. 'Bill' Klykylo
with Son Michael and wife Dotty

William M. 'Bill' Klykylo
Cincinnati, OH

QCWA # 21168
Chapter 9
First Call: WN8FOZ

I am sixty-nine years old, married for 41, and father of a 31-year-old son. I am a native of Michigan (a farmboy from Bay County), but have lived in Ohio for 40 years. I am a physician and a semi-retired professor of child and adolescent psychiatry at Wright State University (http://people.wright.edu/william.klykylo) in Dayton, Ohio (close to Hamvention!). I do a bit of clinical work, teach students, residents and fellows, and publish a little. In my fulltime career, I directly trained 40 doctors and was involved in the training of several hundred more. I have been fortunate in many ways, in my family, friends, and colleagues, in my relatively good health (so far!), in growing up in a great country at a time when education and opportunity have been available, and in being given the opportunity to do something rewarding and useful. I have been lucky beyond my talents and blessed far beyond my worth, and I have tried to make things better for my students, my patients, and their families: "To whom much is given is much required. [Luke 12:48]. "

I have been a ham with this callsign since 1962. I enjoy many aspects of ham radio, including rag-chewing and hf mobile on my long commute and vacation trips. I have been busy with my Flex radio and, now, DMR, and my eyes have been opened anew. There is always more to enjoy - and learn - in amateur radio. Hams are about the nicest folks around (despite a few miscreants!), and I find ham radio to be a refuge from some of the nasty things I encounter in this world. Other interests include literature, history, current events, politics ( best description: JFK Democrat!), music (all kinds but especially classical - I sing a little), fast cars, and The University of Michigan (Go Blue!). We travel some to various places, and especially enjoy northern Michigan. I appreciate what QRZ.com contributes to our sublime hobby.

WA8FOZ - William M. 'Bill' Klykylo

December 24, 2018