WA7OZT - David A. 'Dave' Enteles WA7OZT

David A. 'Dave' Enteles
Silver Springs, NV

QCWA # 37058
Chapter 190

10-10 # 44964

Thanks for looking me up !! I was licensed as a Technician in 1969 (an "old Tech -- General theory and 5 WPM code) and am active on 6 M and 2 M. When the Techs got CW privilages (Novice), I attempted CW, but couldn't get anyone to send slow enough. I was in Navy MARS for about 20 years, but am inactive now. I got my General when they lowered the code speed to 5 WPM. I operate SSB and digital modes.With the advent of digital radio, I am now activel in DMR and somewhat in C4FM modes. I am continiusly (sic) learning in this hobby, despite being 72 years old. I prefer to rag chew and not much into contesting, but I will work stations to give them the points.


WA7OZT - David A. 'Dave' Enteles

May 07, 2016