WA6UVW - Donald S. Kramer Sr WA6UVW

Donald S. Kramer Sr
Yucaipa, CA

QCWA # 26738
Chapter 130

Qsl either direct, by burro or eQSL Tnx. I was a C.W. operator for the USAF during the Korean War. When I got discharged never wanted to see another radio, until 1960 when a ham friend convinced me to get a ticket, which I got in June of 1960. I am retired and spend my spare time trout fishing and on Ham Radio. I volunteer to operate the Jerry Pettis V.A. Hosp ARC every Wed. from 9 am to 11 am local time (1600z to 1800z after Nov. 4th 1700z to 1900Z)on 14.255, the call is W6VAH and check us out on QRZ. We would like to hear from all of you. We operate every Mon thru Fri at the same time. My equip is a Kenwood TS 480 SAT and Kenwood TS-50 and a Yaesu FT 817 QRP. I operate mostly CW and PSK.


January 2, 2015