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[K6NCG] 1961-1962
Wed Dec 22 03:40:09 EST 2010

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  • I second Desmond's offer of a tour of the place. As he point's out below, just about all of the buildings we know/knew from those days are gone with a few exceptions. One side of the Brig is a Vodka Distillery and the other side is a Winery, one of three on the island now. No grocery store, but three winery's, go figure...

    The K6NCG ham shack from the 60's is gone and part of the housing area where Desmond lives, just a few blocks away as near as we can calculate. Anyone have a 1960's era map of the island?

    The old Eleventh Naval District HQ still stands just inside the gate and presently houses the Treasure Island Museum displays. The displays are sorely lacking materials from the Naval Schools Command era of the island, any offerings would be appreciated.

    The future plans for the island call for an almost complete replacement of the existing buildings and converting it to a self contained community in the middle of the bay. The access hasn't improved any and one of the proposed plans called for three 30 story apartment towers. If you recall, the island was created out of fill. Not the best foundation for tall buildings, but then again it is now part of the City of San Francisco and their politicians are not always known for their clear headed proposals.

    Drop a note if you are going to be in the area, we'd be more than happy to hook up and conduct tours.

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