Stephen A. 'Steve' Cerwin
Mico, TX

QCWA # 26980
Chapter 38
WA5FRF - Stephen A. 'Steve' Cerwin
First Call: WN5FRF issued in 1963

Steve Cerwin was first licensed in 1963 as WN5FRF. He upgraded to General later that year, Advanced in 1969, and Extra in 1992. He is a retired Institute Scientist at Southwest Research Institute where he designed custom electronic instrumentation and antenna systems. Steve now has his own consulting firm, teaches week-long antenna courses and designs custom antennas and RF instrumentation. He also enjoys scuba diving and flying both RC and full scale aircraft. He holds a Commercial pilot's license with an instrument rating.

Steve is a life member of ARRL and is active on HF, VHF, and UHF using AM, CW, SSB, and digital modes. He has been a QCWA net controller since 2001. Steve is shown here with his home-brew horizontally polarized omni-directional antenna for 2m SSB

WA5FRF - Stephen A. 'Steve' Cerwin

May 29, 2019