WAØSAQ - Jack R. Powley WAØSAQ

Jack R. Powley
Yutan, NE

QCWA # 26991
Chapter 210

Have been licensed since 1965. One year as Novice, then about 20 years as aTechnician, Finally got busy and passed the 13 wpm and by that time I had already taken and passed the Advanced. Then when the code requirement dropped to 5 wpm I tested for Extra.

I spent 37 years with the Bell System and retired in 1990. Had Two years out of that for the Army. Spent that time from 58 to 60 (after 8 weeks basic at Ft. Carson Co.) in a Corporal Missle outfit at Ft Sill Ok. Was fortunate to be in between Korea and Veitnam.

Since retiring 20 years ago I have gotten into the computer world pretty heavily and do a lot of computer fixing.

In the ham radio world most of my operating is on 75 meters for two Nets in the AM and one in the evening, most of the time the rest of the day is spent on 14.233 with the digital pictures the using the EasyPal program.

WAiØSAQ - Jack R. Powley

October 28, 2015