Photo courtesy WAØCLR Summer of 1965

In 1965, Bob (now NØUF) operated WAØCLR just north of St Cloud, MN. The station was an ElecroVoice RME-4350A receiver and a Heathkit Cheyenne transmitter w/power supply. Station accessories include a Heathkit Q-Multiplier, SWR meter and Relative power meter, a homebrew TR switch using a 6J5 in a cathode follower circuit, two Army surplus audio filters, and a J-38 hand key. The antenna was an Trap Dipole at 30'. My most memorable contact of 1965 was in April with Dave, VO2DP (Goose Bay Labrador) on 20 Meter CW, we exchanged 579 reports.

Santa brought an E.F. Johnson Speed-X Bug.