John E. Feltz
Junction City, WI

QCWA # 22745
Chapter 174
W9JN - John E. Feltz
Badger Constesters
First Call: WN9LWJ       Other Call(s): WA9LWJ

Greetings: LET US ALL PRAY FOR A STRONG AMERICA. SUPPORT OUR ARMED SERVICE MEN and WOMEN. HONOR OUR FLAG AND COUNTRY!! ........I have been a ham since 1964. My old calls were WN9LWJ and WA9LWJ. I was issued W9JN in May 1997. I spent two years in the U.S. Army with one year in Viet Nam, February 67-68 as a crypto intelligence radio operator. My wife Kathy and I are both reserve members of the Rudolph Volunteer Fire Dept. http://www.rudolphfd.net/ I've been a firefighter/EMT since 1970 and retired from active service January 21, 2010.

My grandson Jacob is K9TVG. My son Brian is WB9E.

WAS on HF, 50 and 144. VUCC on 50-144-222-432. 50 Mhz is my main interest band and am striving to get the FFMA award. For EME I have 4 x 6 on 2 meters and 2 x 7 on 6 meters, both H plane arrays with KW's. 2m tropo is M2 18 element at 70 feet and 6m is YU7EF0607 at 65 feet. TRI-band HF antenna along with several wire antennas for 160-12 meters. My home grid is EN54dn. Always looking to set up WSJT/CW mode skeds on 50 and 144 Mhz. I have a beacon on 50.063KHz using a halo antenna at 35 feet. The beacon runs 10 watts and uses a W9XT beacon keyer. It's grid square designator is EN54dm located at Rudolph Fire station #4. Life member of QCWA # 22745, Life Member of ARRL http://www.arrl.org/ , Charter life member of Central States VHF Society #50 http://www.csvhfs.org/, SMIRK # 6031 http://www.smirk.org/ , member of A-1 Operator Club. I'm a CVE for W5YI-VE http://www.w5yi.org/ . I retired from paper mill operations in 2004.

Thanks for reading the info and God be with you!

73, John W9JN

W9JN - John E. Feltz

W9JN - John E. Feltz

My wife Kasia along with her 1941 Allis Chalmers "C" and my 1969 Allis Chalmers 190XT

February 08, 2019