W9BFP - Richard L. 'Dick' Meredith W9BFP

Richard L. 'Dick' Meredith
Mill Creek, WA

QCWA # 38358
First Call: WN9BFP issued in 1954

Semi-retired EE. First licensed in 1953 as WN9BFP. I held a 7 call for a short time in the early seventies, but was able to get my old call (minus the N) in 1975 when I returned to Indiana. I came back to the Northwest in 1983 and didn't have to change my call that time.

The pictures are of the GO-BOX I have been working on for the past several months. It is nearing completion.

Pictured in the box is an IC-7100 with the AT-180 tuner, the TM-D710, and the silver box is the 36 Amp Mega Watt power supply. Visable on the tob of the box is the TGE boost regulator. The box is held together with machine screws into captive nuts, so that if necessary, it can be taken apart for access to the various internat components and wiring. For the most part, I have been able to get to most everything through the front or rear openings.

Note that the frame of the box is on the outside to avoid having it take up space inside.

Connections on the rear allow the use of either the internal power supply or a battery system with the boost regulator.

November 12, 2020