W8PEY - William A. Theeringer W8PEY

William A. Theeringer
Goleta, CA

QCWA # 12612
Chapter 7

First licensed as W8PEY at age 13 in 1953 in Michigan. Spent 2 years in Rabat Morocco with the USAF 1958 - 1960 as CN8GH. Was on Kwajalein Island in the Marshall Islands with Raytheon Company 1968 - 1969 as KX6GH, and one year on Shemya AFB in the Aleutian Islands in 1972 as KL7IAG . Spent one year on Samoa as KS6DP. Have operated portable from Germany, Portugal and France over the years. Lived in Massachusetts from 1969 to 1977. There I built a very nice antenna system on top of a hill. The tower was 140 foot tall and was guyed in an "X" configuration to the four corners of the yard. The top set of guy wires were dipoles for 160 and 75 meters. The beam was 7 elements on a 90 foot boom for 20 meters and the cantalever support for the boom was a dipole for 40. The top of the mast held a 2 meter colinear vertical. The whole thing was fed with 7/8 inch Andrews Heliax cable with a motor driven coax switch in a box on top of the tower, and rotated with a prop pitch motor. I was also on Slow Scan TV with 78 countries when I moved to Santa Barbara in 1977. Not too active on the low bands since, but do have a Icom IC-7000 and an NCL-2000 feeding a 5BTV against a chicken wire ground plane under the sod. I started buiding a Rutan Long -EZ airplane in 1982 and first flew it the year I retired, 1990. It has an Icom HF rig in the panel along with an IC-2000H for 2 meters and can be seen on QRZ.COM under call sign N29EZ. I also built an all electric solar powered CAR from a 1990 Mazda Miata.

October 25, 2014