Melvin C. Vye
Akron, OH

QCWA # 17214
Chapter 21
W8MV - Melvin C. Vye

Previously KN8KPP, K8KPP, W7CIZ, KP4DFA, and W8KWH

Recent DXpeditions: FP/W8MV, 3A/W8MV, FM/W8MV, FG/W8MV, TK/W8MV FR/W8MV, 3B8/W8MV, W8MV/KH4, W8MV/VP9, VP5/W8MV, W8MV/VO2, 3Y0X

Mel has been licensed since 1958 and has held the Extra Class license since 1966. An avid DXpeditioner, he has traveled to over 100 DXCC entites and has operated from 28 of them including 3Y0X, Peter the First island.

W8MV - Melvin C. Vye

September 10, 2017