W8KHK - Richard A. 'Rick' Maxwell
Bill, W2WM(brother), Walt, W2DU(dad), and Me
Photo by Steven Barber, WA4B
Orlando Hamcation - February 10th, 2007

Richard A. 'Rick' Maxwell
Marietta, GA

QCWA # 32974
Chapter 49

First licensed as WB2HKX (Advanced) in 1968, while in USAF stationed at Davis Monthan AFB, Tucson Arizona. Home at the time was Dayton, New Jersey.

After discharge from USAF, moved to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, changed call to WB4GNR.

Employed by Hewlett Packard since 1981. Relocated to Marietta, Georgia in 1988. Assigned to Agilent Technologies (HP spinoff) in 1999, worked briefly in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Retired in June 2006. Upgraded to Extra in 2006, and applied for dad's (W2DU, M. Walter Maxwell) first call, W8KHK which he held from 1933 at age 14.

Currently residing in Marietta, Georgia, northwest of Atlanta.

March 14, 2015