W8IM - Robert D. Sever W8IM

Robert D. Sever
Pinellas Park, FL

QCWA # 18006
Chapter 32

Joined Boy Scouts at age 11 and was required to learn morse code, that got me started into the fantastic hobby of ham radio. My dad, an avid SWL at the time noting me trying to learn the code, showed me what it sounded like by tuning into some commercial/military cw stations on his receiver. I soon had a Novice license KN8RXD, 1959 and latter upgraded to Technician with the call K8RXD. My Dad got hooked from my interest and took the test and got his Advanced class license WA8DBI.

I studied and took the General test and became active on the NTS working mainly cw. In my senior year of High School obtained a Radio Telephone license and immediately after graduation got my first job as a broadcast engineer at WHIZ AM-FM-TV in Zanesville, Ohio.Joined U.S. Navy in 1967, first station was Pensacola, FL, Communications Technician school and operated club station WA4ECY. Next stationed on Guam held also the call KG6ARQ and also operated Navy Ham club KG6AAY and Naval Communication station NPN. While stationed on Guam during periodic FCC visits, I obtained my Advance and soon after Extra class ticket and finally a 2nd class Radiotelegraph license. Next went to San Vito Italy and operated Naval ham station I1DFL and Navy station NSV. Left Navy as an E5 CTT2.Graduated from the University of Akron, Ohio BSET in 1976. While in College worked for City of Akron as a radio tech and also University of Akron WEAO-TV channel 49 as a transmitter site Broadcast Engineer. ~1977 when vanity calls were first given to all holders of extra class licenses on request, I obtained W8IM.

Next went to East Ohio Gas and worked as a Microwave Communications Specialist.After 4 years at East Ohio Gas moved south to warmer weather and worked as Engineering Supervisor of Marine Radio Station WLO and also operator positions on cw.3 years later moved to Florida and joined Sumter Electric Cooperative, a electric power utility, as a Communications Engineer and retired in 2009 as System Engineer after 26 years there. I also while here in Florida served as Chief Engineer of WLBE AM and WQBQ AM and still do consulting Broadcast Engineering work.

Member of QCWA, OOTC, SBE, SOWP, VWOA, ARRL,10-10, QRP, FISTS and Christian Amateur Radio Fellowship. Ham activity primarily public service cw. Hold FCC Commercial First Radiotelegraph, General Radiotelephone licenses with radar endorsement. Active in QRP,NTS and Public Service activities such as ARES and active serve as a VE. Have earned WAS,WAC,DXCC,CP40 wpm,BPL, A1-OP over the years. Favorite band 160 meters. Active on CW but also PSK31 when time premits .Current QTH in Seniors Community (The Mainlands) in Pinellas Park, FLthat has forced stealth antennas and low power. Also active in Navy MARS with call NNN0KAF.

I am active in F&AM Masonry including York rite Masonry where I hold chair positions. I am a member of the Masonic Hams and Masonic Scouters organizations and active in Boy Scouting,National Eagle Scout Association,serving on Troop Committee, Eagle Board of Review and as a merit badge counselor. Was honored to receive the Daniel Carter Beard Masonic Scouter award presented by the Florida Grandmaster. I belong to the Florida Lodge of Research. I am a Perpetual member of Leesburg 58 and Plural member of Elmer O. Smith 307 Pinellas Park plus Perpetual member of St. Petersburg York Bodies, York Knight Masons and York Sovereign College of North America.

My greatest joy is working with my wife Linda working with Therapy dogs, volunteer at the local Labrador Retreiver Rescue of Florida and involved in Church ministry.

I volunteer as REO on board SS American Victory KKUI and member of the crew, picture upper right, and belong to the Ship's radio club W4AVM as well as the St. Petersburg Amateur Radio Club.

Since retiring I am busier than ever!!!!!

I do QSL 100% by snail mail and value each and every card I receive, SASE and money not needed, I do not do email/web QSL's, they serve no purpose or value to me!

January 15, 2015