W8GXB - L Wayne Huhta W8GXB

L Wayne Huhta
Goshen, IN

QCWA # 31631
Chapter 10

Wayne began his radio career in his native home town of Detroit, Michigan. While in high school he obtained his Amateur Radio License, W8GXB.

After high school graduation, he enrolled in the Missionary Technical Course at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago with a major of Missionary Radio and Communications. At Moody he met his wife-to-be, Esther. Later on in their marriage, Esther obtained her Advanced Class License with the call of W6MQE. Esther passed away in May 2014 and the call, W6MQE, is now held by our daughter Ruth.

Wayne has been associated with HCJB Global (now Reach Beyond) for 40 years. He is currently on loan to SonSet Solutions, in Elkhart, Indiana as a staff engineer. During his 64-year Amateur Radio career he has been involved in phone patching for foreign missionaries, RTTY, DX contacts, mobile operation, the Quarter Century Wireless Association and Special Event Stations. Organizing Special Event Station N9Q has been Wayne.s responsibility.

September 12, 2015