W8BF - Rondal D. 'Ron' Akers W8BF

Rondal D. 'Ron' Akers
Cleveland, TN

QCWA # 38162
First Call: WA8YFQ issued in 1967       Other Call(s): WD4GS

We live on a small horse farm in Southeast Tennessee. Our parcel in "God's Country" lies in the Tennessee Valley in the shadow of Chilhowee and Big Frog Mountains to our East and The Cumberland Plateau to the West. We are only 8-miles north of the Georgia line and about 18-miles from Chattanooga. My wife Lucinda and I have two grown children also living in this area.

I am an early-retired Chiropractic Physician and an Emergency Management volunteer. I participate in our local "A.C.S." (Auxiliary Communications Service,) an emergency communication service coordinated by the local Emergency Management Agency.

I am a native of Ceredo WV (near Huntington) and lived the first half of my life in the Ohio Valley on both sides of the river. In the late 60s and 70s, I served as an Ohio State Trooper at Ironton, Ohio, Post 44. I am still involved in law enforcement as a part-time training officer and firearms instructor with the Bradley County Tennessee Sheriff's Office in Cleveland, TN.

I was first licensed in the mid 60s while living in Ohio. Previous calls, WA8YFQ AND WD4GST

My station consists of a new Icom 7610, an Icom 756 Pro 3, an Ameritron ALS-1306, and an Aneritron AL-811A. The antennas are a 3 element tribander at about 50-feet, a wire loop, and a multiband Alpha Delpha dipole.

I spend my time on SSB, SSTV, CW and BPSK31.

Hope to meet you on the air.

73 Ron

W8BF - Rondal D. 'Ron' Akers

W8BF - Rondal D. 'Ron' Akers

W8BF - Rondal D. 'Ron' Akers

W8BF - Rondal D. 'Ron' Akers

W8BF - Rondal D. 'Ron' Akers
Big Frog Mountain from near my home.

January 28, 2020