Perry D. Ballinger
Massillion, OH

QCWA # 13949
Chapter 21
W8AU - Perry D. Ballinger
RMSC - LST315 - 2007

First license: WN8VYU / March 14, 1955. Second license: W8VYU / June 1955. Third license: W8AU / late 1976

Also held at various times: WB8KND (secondary). WR8AKA (repeater/1976)

Currently trustee for: W8NP Massillon ARC (OH). K8NAA North Coast Navy RC (OH)

CW mobile since 1957. High Seas /MM: USS Myles C. Fox, DDR-829 (NAZI), 1959-61. USS Hunt, DD-674 (NKIP) 1961. Present era: USS LST325 (NWVC) and WW2LST, Atlantic trip 2005. Life member ARRL, SOWP, QCWA, OTC, AWA . Currently Board Member USS LST Memorial, Inc. Radio restorer and operator WW2LST (cruising museum) 2003 until present.

Harmonics: N8EBS, Robin. N8KXO, Robert

W8AU - Perry D. Ballinger
W8AU - Driving

W8AU - Perry D. Ballinger
W8AU - along side the TDE XMTR on LST-325

March 28, 2015