W8ASA - Kenneth Gunton W8ASA

Kenneth Gunton
Centerville, OH

QCWA # 23367
Chapter 9

I was originally licensed in 1964 as WA3BQU. In 1969 I became WB6QWF, which I held until 2006. My current vanity call is reminiscent of the former Army Security Agency, in which I served as a 98G4L80 (Vietnamese Voice Intercept) for four years during the Viet Nam war.

If you are a former lightning fast chicken plucker, give me a shout. Likewise if you are a turtle (I'm also an Old Crow).

My main station consists of an ICOM IC-7600, accessorized with an LDG AT-100PROII tuner, a Logikey K-5 keyer, a HeilPro headset, and a Begali Simplex Pro. Antennas are an AV-640 vertical at 15 feet and an OCF Windom mounted along the roofline hidden from the street. A SignaLink USB helps get me on the various digital modes, but CW is still my favorite operating mode. My original Heathkit SB-102 line, that I built from a kit in 1970, adorns my shack, and it still looks great!

I've also operated as DL4WU in Germany in 1964. Former Navy MARS N0QQI (California) and Army MARS AB8AQ (Phu Bai, Viet Nam 1968).

The picture shown is of me at 16 years old in 1964, operating from my bedroom in our US Army dependent quarters in Pattonville, Germany (near Ludwigsburg). I had just finished building the Knight Kit T-60, and used a surplus receiver and field strength meter. My antenna was a full-size G5RV strung from the 4th floor of my building to the building across the street.

I am a member of the ARRL, the Dayton Amateur Radio Association (DARA), the Bellbrook Amateur Radio Club (BARC), and the QCWA.

I sell microwave and RF components of all types through my web site www.ohiomicrowave.com and on E-Bay.


December 22, 2015