Kenneth C. 'Ken' Barroll
Seahurst, WA

QCWA # 13860
W7OP - Kenneth C. 'Ken' Barroll

I am Ken Barroll - W7OP and also DU5KEN when in the Philippines where we also have a small home!

I was born in Sweden 1939 and lived there off and on for 20+ years - but was American from birth! I became licensed as WN3YVH in 1954 the first foreigner ever licensed in Sweden about 1962 when I was issued SM5CTS original holder! I left Sweden in 1965 and moved back to USA.

I have held many calls over the years - W3YVH, WØLRG, W7IQF, ON4KT, DJØCI, HL9KB, and others.

My wife Claudia has the call KD7KKF.

I love flying, motorcycling, boating, skiing, travel, my family and kids! I was at one time employed by the Heath Company of Benton Harbor Michigan and other major electronics firms, but also worked in the automotive and motorcycle world at GM Factories such as Vauxhall in England and Opel in Germany.

I was a mechanic at a BMW motorcycle dealership and own 5 of them now - (old slow models - nobody wants!) But they are fun to putter with and I don't need the extreme performance of today's motorbikes!

Finally I got my flying licenses and worked in the world of sailplanes and small planes as pilot and instructor - but in 1967 at 28 started with Northwest Airlines (now Delta) as I pilot - first on B727, then B707 and DC10 and finally on the B747 where I spent most of my flying career. I retireded in 1999 after spending 32 years of airline flying and am now enjoying my golden years now! Life is good as long as I can stay healthy!

Am still active daily on HF & VHF and live near the main Seattle Airport called Seatac with Claudia and a small infant son harmonic!
73s de KEN -- W7OP

W7OP - Kenneth C. 'Ken' Barroll

W7OP - Kenneth C. 'Ken' Barroll

July 21, 2013