W7DRA - Michael L. Dormann W7DRA

Michael L. Dormann
Seattle, WA

QCWA # 14340

A complete 'Boat Anchor' station, with HRO50/HRO60/super pro/home built receivers, ARC5 transmitters driving PushPush 805s on 20m, a single 304th on 40m, another parallel 805 amp on 80m, parallel 211s on 160m. I now have a "contest station" located in another cabin comprising an 833a with an inverted L for 160 meters, and an NC183/Q5er receiver set up.

Most of my time now has been exploring the past, I have built a "early 30s" MOPA transmitter and regen receiver (using pre octal tubes), and am operating contests using this set up.

May 14, 2015