W7DO - Gary A. Martek W7DO

Gary A. Martek
Blythewood, SC

QCWA # 30433

My current ham radio interests center around casual Contesting, DX chasing, more specifically with regard to the ARRL's DXCC Challenge award program. I am currently active with the traditional modes of CW, RTTY, and SSB from 160 to 6 Meter Bands. The picture above shows the current station configuration consisting of a pair of Yaesu FTdx-3000 down converting radios and not shown a SDR-IQ that I switch between radio IF's. The radios are tied together with the MicroHam SO2R interface and the impressive Logger32 software by K4CY. When out of the contest windows, I use my SO2R to watch/listen to six meters, while the other radio is listening to 40 meters usually, until a useful spot comes along. I'm not much of a rag chewer, but do listen around on 40 meters to others.

I can only hope for some nice F2 Six Meter band openings when I am actually at home and not at work to finish an elusive "10-BDXCC." I am a active member of the Carolina DX Association, "CDXA," and support their contest and DX pedition efforts. My staion sits out in the country on ten acres to which three four squares are used for 80/75, 40, and 30 meters, two phased inverted L's for 160 meters, a 72' crank up with a four element Steppir Yagi takes care of 20 through 6 meters. A number of wire antennas including two beverage antennas balance out the antenna farm. I have been using OQRS and LOTW almost exclusely as of late for QSLing. I do a little HF CW mobile work, going to work in the morning on 40 meters.

Gary, W7DO

January 6, 2015