W7CXA - Jay A. 'Andy' Thompson W7CXA

Jay A. 'Andy' Thompson
Yakima, WA

QCWA # 14848
Chapter 1780

First licensed in March 1956 as WN7CXA. Got my Amateur Extra in 1981. On the air, I go by my middle name, Andy. I am charter president of the QCWA Central Washington Chapter 170.

My rig is an Icom 756 Pro II, sometimes with a homebrew linear running a pair of 3-500z's. Antennas are an 80 meter dipole fed from a homebrew antenna tuner, and a 3 element SteppIR. I also have a Yaesu FT 101ZD, and a Swan 500CX, which I don't use enough.

I operate mostly SSB, but occasionally work some CW. I especially enjoy DXing. My Straight Key Century Club # is 186.

I was born in Hanson, Oklahoma in 1939. I am a registered member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. I am a member of the Comanche Little Ponies Society, and the Yakama Warriors Association.

I was in broadcasting for 50 years. I retired in January, 2003 as the Director of Engineering for the Clear Channel-Yakima operation, consisting of four FM stations, and two AM stations. I was doing some contract engineering for local stations, but finally gave that up too.

I have a wife Lois, a daughter Robbie, and a son Mike, KB7ARO.

I am a veteran of the United States Air Force.

November 2, 2014