W7ARE - Marque L. French
W7ARE - Marque L. French
Winchester, ID
QCWA # 36700
Chapter 201

I am a Ham Op since 1989.

I was a former Army Sgt., 1969-72 in ASA where I was a 98C (communications intel. analyst in a tactical direct support unit) and I had a N. Vietnamese language capability. My unit was the 265th RRC Vietnam - 1970-71 with the 101st Airborne Division (now B Company, Special Troop Battalion). Later, I was a S/Sgt. in the 1/161st Infantry (mech.) where I was a "Scout" (mechanized infantry recon platoon) squad and section leader, MOS 11B/11D, from 1972-76.

I'm a retired county prosecutor for the State of Arizona.

My early years were spent in Idaho and Washington, having graduated from West Valley High School in Spokane before joining the Army. I later graduated from Eastern Washington University in Cheney, Washington, attended Seattle University and graduated from the University of Utah College of Law. I spent nearly 30 years living and working in Arizona.

I was introduced to CW and ham radio by K7URU back in the 60s in Spokane, Washington.

I now live and operate in Lewiston, Idaho. My radio is an FT 710 running 100 watts out to a Gap Challenger, with a straight key.

73 . . .