HF Net Manager


Doug Gordon
Carlsbad, CA

QCWA # 23113
Chapter 154

W6KE - Doug Gordon

Doug was first licensed in 1956 as K6PUN and now as W6KE. He is a life member of the QCWA, ARRL and the IEEE. He holds a BSEE and is a registered professional engineer. He credits amateur radio as the stepping stone to a varied career including positions in manufacturing, consulting and education. He also has held positions in sales and marketing with a well-known multinational corporation. He holds a commercial pilot's license and a FCC General Radiotelephone license.

Doug is a member of QCWA Chapter 154. Although net activity is his main radio interest he also enjoys rag chewing and tinkering with and operating vintage vacuum tube ham gear.

Doug has been a net controller for the QCWA HF Net since 2009. He first checked into the net in 1990 and has thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie found on the weekly net both as a participant and controller. He and the other net controllers will be looking forward to your check in on 14.347 MHz Sundays at 2000 UTC.

February 13, 2014