W5YKU - Herbert 'Herbew' Welch W5YKU

Herbert 'Herbew' Welch
Richardson, TX

QCWA # 37510

Started Ham Radio in 1957 in Lubbock, Texas as W5YKU worked a lot of DX and built several rigs and antennas for myself and other Hams in the area. Didn't renew my license as I was in school and working full time.

Completed my BS, MS and Ph.D in physics and went to work at Collins Radio Company in 1969. Collins was ultimately purchased by Rockwell International and I worked for them for many years. After Rockwell I started working for and starting new companies, 5 companies in all.

I now have my license back. Fortunately W5YKU was available and I got it again as a vanity call. The Ham Radio world has changed so much it is like starting over completely. Fortunately most of my career was spent in telecommunications, computer systems and software so this new world fits together nicely for me.

I now have DXCC on 4 bands and am within 4 on the fifth. I have over 200 countries on Mixed and Phone and 150 on CW. Was able to make the 4th level on the W1AW 100 year contest with all states and all territories.I also have WPX Mixed and SSB.

My station consists of a Kenwood TS590S, an Ameritron 1306 Solid State Amplifier and MFJ 1500 Watt Auto Tuner.

I just upgraded my Hex beam with ice supports and extra spreader supports to match the Tex-Hex systems I build. The Tex -Hex supports a secondary mast to allow an antenna to be mounted above the Hex. I am adding a multielement 6 meter yagi above my Hex. Many of the Tex-Hex users have VHf and UHF antennas above their Tex-Hex antennas

I am continuing to work on a 30 40 meter Hex with a small profile and full size elements. The hex design that resulted from this effort allowed me to build a (20 - 6 ) Classic Hex Design that fits in an attic. It is called the Phantom of the Attic by my friend Dick K6RAH. It has a 7 foot 9 inch turning radius.

September 24, 2017