W5PUT - Val - 2009
Photo courtesy W5PUT

Desktop Level: MFJ keyer paddle, Begali CW paddle, computer/keyboard, Alpha 77Sx HF linear amplifier

First Shelf: two stacked VHF/UHF Icom 208H's, TenTec Model 240-KW dummy load w/stacked MFJ pulser, TenTec Omni VII HF transceiver, MFJ microphone switch for digi-modes, Alpha 78 Bandpass HF linear amp, small control box

Top Shelf: Tailtwister Rotator control, Astron RS-35M with a stacked Uniden Scanner and Autek WM-1 Wattmeter, two staked TenTec Model 238 antenna tuners, two antenna control boxes, a second Alpha 78 Bandpass HF linear amp

W5PUT, Val