W5BR - Robert L. 'Bob' Risacher W5BR

Robert L. 'Bob' Risacher
Pawleys Island, SC

QCWA # 20892
Chapter 89

I was originally licensed as KN2KJE in 1954 when 12 years old. My original equipment consisted of a Heathkit AT-1 xmtr , an AR-2 rcvr and an AC-1 antenna tuner. The original antenna was a 126 ft long wire. Later I added a VF-1 VFO. The station was used exclusively on 80 meter CW.

I successfully upgraded to General in May 1955 (K2KJE). At that time I acquired a BC-348 miltary surplus rcvr and a rack mounted home brew xmtr.

This boat anchor consisted of separate exciter, power supply and modulator modules. A Vibroplex bug , 4-element 10 meter yagi and rotator completed the shack. The sun spot cycle was approaching it's greatest peak ever and I was fortunate to make many international contacts with 50 watts on 10 meter AM and 20 meter CW.

In 1961 while in college I added a Lafayette HE-50A 10 watt, 10 meter mobile rig to my 1956 Chevrolet.

After college I married Billie (1963) and attended graduate school (5 years). I entered the Army in 1968 and was radio-inactive while serving in Texas and VietNam.

Upon becoming a civilian again in 1970 we spent a short time in New Jersey where I did some operating with the mobile rig and managed to get a Drake system on the air from the home QTH with some wire. In 1972 we moved to Florida when one still had to change call signs to the area of residence and, as a result, became W4NNL. During six years, I did not operate due to the antenna restricted community (and a growing family).

In the 1980s we had moved again, this time to Pennsylvania and I acquired a Kenwood TS-520S at a hamfest and got back on the air using an attic loop antenna.

I upgraded to Advanced and Extra and obtained the vanity call of W5BR. Also participated in ARES and picked up a Kenwood TH-25AT which I was also able to use mobile in series with a RadioShack 2-meter linear on my 45 minute commute to work.

After 10.5 years we moved (again) to Connecticut (1990) and I was able to install a 10 meter yagi (3 el) and a 20 meter dipole. I got serious about DXCC at that time and, living in Connecticut, was able to drive my QSLs over to ARRL Headquarters to get checked out. Also added a Kenwood TM-231 mobile rig (later switched to a TM-261 in the car and put the 231 in the shack). Three years later, it was on to California for a five year interlude and then back east to Virginia to be closer to family for our first grandchild (we now have nine)grandkids. I was pretty active there with the same equipment until the 520 died and then went QRT for a period of time. Now that we are 'settled' in Pawleys Island, South Carolina, our 9th state of residence, I've installed a Kenwood TS-590S and attic and other stealth antennas in our antenna restricted community. Due to the antenna limitations, I have invested in an Ameritron AL-811H linear and Palstar AT2KD tuner as an attempt to compensate (photos below). So far I have made contacts on 70 cm, 2, 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 40, 60 and 80 meters. I.m hoping to add 6 m and 160 M to that. I'm very happy to have increased my radio "activity" and, as a result, have re-established some old friendships along the way. I.ve begun to work on WAS for the fifth time and have three states to go (ND, SD, MT). email me if you'd like to set up a sked. I.m also trying to get to an endorsement for the basic DXCC award.

W5BR - Robert L. 'Bob' Risacher

W5BR - Robert L. 'Bob' Risacher

September 02, 2016