W4PK - Samuel A. 'Sam' Leslie W4PK

Samuel A. 'Sam' Leslie
Goode, VA

QCWA # 35089
Chapter 202

I have been licensed since 1954, first as W4EGY and then in 1976 I obtained the call W4PK. I primarily chase DX but I do dabble in some of the contests too. My favorite mode is RTTY, having gotten the bug back in 1959 with a surplus Teletype Model 15 WX machine. I have RTTY DXCC #6 from the ARRL, dated 4 Jan 1977. This was before the days of spotting networks! I finally obtained Honor Roll status for this mode in 2007.

I am an engineer, and I retired in 2002 from a manufacturer of cellular/PCS infrastructure equipment. I have a B.E.E. and a Master of Engineering degrees from the University of Florida (1963 and 1967, respectively).

I QSL 100% either BURO, SASE direct or LoTW (preferred).

May 10, 2015