W.G. 'Bill' Moneysmith
Pennington Gap, VA

QCWA # 19484
W4NFR - W.G. 'Bill' Moneysmith

Bill, W4NFR, has been enjoying HAM radio as an Extra class licensee since 1961. He enjoys all facets of radio, especially AM, CW, PSK-31, RTTY, Packet, DSSTV, QRP and chasing DX. He is an avid electronics and radio enthusiast, with a particular interest in antennas. He has written many technical articles and is a retired Electronics Engineer. Current activities include RV camping/traveling full-time, wood carving, gold panning, and metal detecting with my wife Lydia.

W4NFR - William Moneysmith
High Sierra HF Screwdriver Antenna Plus RV Extension on HB Tilt-Over Mount

W4NFR - William Moneysmith
"Breadbox" ICOM IC-706 MK II G HF RIG Kenwood VHF/UHF TM-D700 Laptop

W4NFR - William Moneysmith
Rigs, Switches, Power Connections, KO6YD Antenna Control
and SWR Meter Mounted On A Wooden Board Inside Cabinet W4NFR - William Moneysmith
"Works In A Cabinet & Operating Desk"

January 28, 2013