W4MU - William R. 'Randy' Kelley W4MU

William R. 'Randy' Kelley
Roanoke, VA

QCWA # 38082
Chapter 202
First Call: KE4FKI issued in 1993       Other Call(s): KS4TH and K4WRK

I was introduced to amateur radio in the 70's as a high school student. My chemistry teacher was a ham and started a high school club. Some of my friends joined and so did I. I never achieved a license, but I found it interesting. I forgot about amateur radio until I realized the FCC had added a Technician class license in 1995. I got my first license in March of that year. I passed the 5 wpm requirement and became a Tech-plus in 1996. I moved on to General in 1997 and Advanced in 1998. Then work became crazy and life kept me busy until I retired in December 2016. I found myself interested in hamming again and I just passed my Extra exam in January 2018 and am looking forward to doing more.

Member of Roanoke Valley Amateur Radio Club.

Randy K

October 21, 2019