photo by John Sproat - W4JS

Photo is the 1981 station of W4LCL in Cooper City, FL. From left to right: Winged Emblem (WE) Collins KWM-2 transceiver, WE Collins 312-B5 external PTO/speaker/station control, Round Emblem (RE) Collins 312-B4 speaker/station control, RE Collins 75S-3C receiver, RE Collins 32s-3 transmitter, WE Collins 30L-1 amplifier sitting on the first antenna tuner offered by Heath (model number forgotten). Microphones are Astatic D-104. Hy-Gain HAM-IV rotator control box on top of the 312-B4 for a Telrex TB5-EM tri-band beam on a 50' Aluma Tower. Radio under the table is a Clegg FM-22B "crystalized" 2-meter FM transceiver.