W4DWC - Denny W. Colvin W4DWC

Denny W. Colvin
Durham, NC

QCWA # 26245
Chapter 126

Denny Colvin's fascination with technology started circa 1954 with Disney's "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea." He was first licensed as a Novice as WN9AJM in August, 1961, at age 12. He became WA9AJM when he upgraded to Technician in 1962. His call became WB2ECA in 1974 when he moved to upstate New York, and he subsequently upgraded to Advanced in 1976. In 1982, he moved to North Carolina and was assigned KF4MQ. In 1999, he opted not to take the easy Extra-written-only upgrade that was briefly possible, and keep his now-unavailable Advanced class license, as his Elmer, Alvey Pittman, W9JJC-sk, had done forty years before. In 2001, he changed his call to W4DWC.

Over the years, he has been a member of the Lawrence Central High School (Indianapolis) Radio Club, the Indianapolis Radio Club, the Rose Polytechnic (Terre Haute, IN) Radio Club, and the Overlook Mountain (Kingston, NY) Amateur Radio Club, and is currently a member of the Raleigh Amateur Radio Society, QCWA, and a life member of the ARRL.

Usually on 40M SSB, he is frequently heard on the Country Hams Net, and is a Net Control on the NightWatch and Brothers Nets. His favorite operating activity is Field Day.

Now retired, he was a software engineer at IBM for over 30 years, after graduating from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in 1974.

W4DWC - Denny W. Colvin

W4DWC - Denny W. Colvin

August 19, 2015