Ronald B. 'Ron' Fisher
Jefferson, GA

QCWA # 34772
Chapter 202
W4ALE - Ronald B. 'Ron' Fisher

I have been active on the ham bands for almost 58 years - I've experienced six solar cycles. I was a new Ham Radio operator in 1956 when solar cycle 19 was just ramping up. The bands were HOT in the late 1950's! Cycle 19 is still the strongest solar cycle on record. Ten meters was open almost around the clock.

I built an Allied Radio Ocean Hopper in 1953 and started listening to the short wave bands. Doug, K4EZL (now ZP6CW) first introduced me to Amateur Radio while in high school in 1955. With the help of another neighbor, Fred, W4ALE, I received my Novice ticket (as KN4LEF) in September 1956 . A year later, I moved up to General Class. My first rig was a Heathkit DX-35, a Hallicrafters SX-24 receiver and a simple dipole.

Ham Radio has been good to me. It helped me land a great job with IBM. Today I am retired from the Big Blue management team and playing radio every day.

I enjoy the digital modes and CW; favorites among the digital modes are OLIVA and HELL. I am currently serving as Membership Manager of the Feld Hell Club. If you are interested in a fun digital mode and would like to become a member of the Hell Club, send me an e-mail to w4ale at arrl dot net.

Associations include: ARRL Life Member, Hell Club, QCWA, TenTen Int'l, SKCC, es FISTS.

In April 2011 I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (a rare blood cancer) while in the hospital for knee replacement surgery. Overall, I am progressing well. You can follow my progress by going to: caringbridge dot org, then enter "ronbfisher"

73 es CU on the bands,

February 24, 2015