W3HH - Douglas P. 'Doug' Hawkins W3HH

Douglas P. 'Doug' Hawkins
Ocala, FL

QCWA # 31231
Chapter 62

I was first licensed in 1964 at the age of 15 and I have had the W3HH call since about 1976. I work all bands 160 thru 2 meters plus 432 and 1296 MHZ and many different modes including SSB, CW, AM, FM, PSK31, Echolink, D-Star and WSJT modes. I have two beacons operating. The 10M beacon is running 12 watts to a vertical dipole on 28.269 MHZ. The 6M beacon is running 8 watts to a quarter wave whip side mounted on a tower at 40 feet. It is on 50.061 MHZ. They are located about 7 miles west of Ocala, Florida. I have been running WSPR mode on 30 meters with 1 watt and a vertical dipole. Check out wsprnet.org.

W3HH - Douglas P. 'Doug' Hawkins

November 18, 2014