Photo courtesy W3BE
In transition since March 15, 1954 - Photo circa December 21, 2002

Kenwood TS-2000 (Tuned to QCWA Net 14.347 MHz.)
Kenwood TS-830S (Tuned to 14.070, homebrew PSK-31 interface dangling from mike jack.)
Ten-Tec Pegasus (Tuned to Old Goats Net 7.210 MHz.), IBM Aptiva 190
ICOM 718 (Not shown in photo.)
Alpha-99 & Ten-Tec Centurion
Drake L-4B (Not shown in photo. In use since 1968)
Ten-Tec 238 & Ten-Tec 238A in series.
Transmatch original (Not shown. Specimen used in Lew McCoy QST article.)
E.F. Johnson Matchbox (Not shown. In use since early 1960;s.)
Murch Electronics UT-2000A (Not shown.)
ANTENNA (Not shown):
Hustler 2-meter 5/8 wavelength vertical (In use since mid-1970's.)
Cushcraft A4S 10-14-20 meter triband beam at 70 feet
Cushcraft A50-3S 3-element 6-meter beam at 60 feet
Rohn 25 (two fixed) and 45 (one fold-over) towers (In use since 1960's)
The R.F. Connection wire and cable in all HF antennas
W3NRS-upgraded CDE rotors
Heathkit Cantenna dummy loads (In use since mid-1970's.)
Alpha Delta-4 antenna switches, Ameritron RCS-8V Remote Coax Switch
Autek Research WM-1 SWR/PWR meter, MFJ-259B SWR Analyzer
Heil Goldline microphones
J-38 key, Logikey K-3 keyer & Vibroflex paddle, MFJ-422B-X keyer & Bencher paddle
HAL DXP38 RTTY (Not shown in photo.)
West Mountain RIGblaster, IBM Aptiva E3U (Not shown in photo.)
Astron & MFJ power supplies, West Mountain RIGrunner
W3BE homebrew rolling desk, QCWA logbook, QCWA Vic Clark Chapter #91 gel pen
QCWA Blue Ridge Chapter coffee cup (Not shown in photo.)