W2WCM - William C. 'Bill' Mims W2WCM

William C. 'Bill' Mims
Vienna, VA

QCWA # 36777

I have been in and out of ham radio a couple of times. My first callsign was WN4HYN, then KE4DWZ, and now W2WCM. I enjoy HF, especially HF nets.

I have retired once, and now work part time in a completely different field. My life seems too busy.

I am running an ICOM IC-706 with an MFJ-1625 apartment style antenna. It is not the best, but it gets me on the air! And, with only 100 watts, I have worked over 45 countries, many during recent contests. Thanks to all those stations who worked me, even with my weak signal!

I now have a 'real' antenna, a Carolina Windom set about 35 feet up. It seems to have made a huge difference in my signal, and my reception. Still only 100 watts, but I am now getting out much better! Thanks for coming back to me!


November 27, 2015