W2QO - James M. 'Jamie' Punderson W2QO

James M. 'Jamie' Punderson
Island Heights, NJ

QCWA # 32089
Chapter 138

Incoming QSL info: LOTW is preferred but cards through the Bureau, direct cards and eQSL are all welcome. I am very happy with the LOTW system with over 50% of all my QSOs confirmed using it.

Outgoing QSL info: I upload all QSOs to both LOTW and eQSL both. Paper QSLs can also be sent via the Bureau, direct, to managers, to home calls or whatever is needed.

Bio: "My Radio Daze"

Got hooked on radio by listening to distant shortwave stations an old Sonora AM/SW table radio my parents had in the 1950's. Received a KnightKit Span Master super-regenerative receiver kit for Christmas in 1960.

Inspired by my friend high school friend Terry Nearey, WA2SIO, I was first licensed in 1964 as a Novice with call WN2PQD. Licensed in 1965 as Technician with call WB2PQD. (Test were administered by my uncle John Punderson, W8MCK (SK) Fooled around with 6 meters but never got into HF before Novice license expired. Then Technician license expired and that was the end of radio for me for a long time.

Purchased ICOM R71A and R7000 in 1980s for SWL use. After my brother-in-law, Dennis Collins, WB3JFZ, died, my sister Kappy gave me some of his ham gear ICOM 751A, PK232, etc. which eventually inspired me in 2002 to pass the Technician and Extra exams (I was grandfathered for Morse and General exams). Received call AB2QC but used FCC vanity call procedure to become W2QO in 2003.

STILL didn't really start operating until 2005 because I was busy researching and acquiring gear from eBay, QRZ, eHam and QTH, not to mention raising children and running a business. (basically I was procrastinating). Now I'm really interested in RTTY DXing and also quite interested in PSK31 and other digital modes.

Current equipment (in use) as of December 2011 is an Flex-5000A SDR, an Icom PW1 amplifier, Alfa-Spid RAK rotator computer controlled via Idiom Press interface, SteppIR DB18E three-element beam for 20 meters through 6 meters with three elements for 30 meters and two for 40 meters. The Steppir is 45 feet above ground level. I also have a converted 13M flagpole with top 80M trap and loading wires for use on 80M & 160M along with a K9AY receiving antenna. I have four of N8LP's wonderful LP-100A Vector Wattmeters.

For software I use Dave Bernstein's DX-Lab software suite (WinWarbler for RTTY and PSK31, DXKeeper for logging, DXView, PropView for propagation, Commander for rig control, and SpotCollector for cluster spots.) I also use CWSkimmer, MMVARI, N8LP, Larry Phipp's Steppir control software.

So far, I have worked 315 Mixed DXCC entities (302 on RTTY, 300 Phone and 303 CW) and worked 2358 of the DXCC Challenge requirements. I have received DXCC Challenge 200 level award, WAS RTTY #416,RTTY DXCC, Phone DXCC, CW DXCC,9 band DXCC (160, 80,40,30,20,17,15,12,10) so far. Also WAZ in RTTY, SSB and Mixed). Worked 193 and confirmed 179 towards 5 band WAZ. Also received eQSL eWAS and eDX100 awards in digital modes. In all I currently have 21291 QSOs logged (9326 RTTY, 1418 PSK, 6142 SSB, 4378 CW).

I'm currently an ARRL life member and in NJDXA, QWCA (Chapter 138 - Life - member 32085), JSARS (Jersey Shore Amateur Radio Society), HCARC (Holiday City Amateur Radio Club), and OBARC (Old Barney Amateur Radio Club). 1010 member 74434, EPC member 386, 070 member 436

I am the "Q" Letter-Manager for incoming ARRL 2nd Call Area QSL Bureau.

--Jamie Punderson, W2QO December 13, 2011

W2QO - James M. 'Jamie' Punderson

August 19, 2015