W2OD - Robert 'Bob' Buus Director 1996 - 2000


Robert 'Bob' Buus
Holmdale, NJ

QCWA # 23083

Chapter 120

Bob has been continuously licensed since 1953, obtained a First Class Commercial Radiotelephone and Second Class Radiotelegraph licenses with ship radar endorsements in 1954, and Extra Class license in 1955 before entering the University of North Dakota where he graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BSEE . He received his MEE from NYU and retired from Bell Laboratories in 1989 after 30+ years.

Recent activities since retirement include traffic handling, public service and home brewing. Bob is a member of ARFES, RACES, the Garden State Amateur radio Association, the Radio Club of American The Old Old Timers Club, Life member of ARRL, and life member of QCWA. Bob serves as Editor of the GSARA monthly newsletter and the QCWA Chapter 138 Quarterly Bulletin.

April 1, 1998