W2FUU - Joseph Molinaro W2FUU

Joseph Molinaro
North Syracuse, NY

QCWA # 18620
Chapter 29

Born and raised in Carbondale, PA where I first established my interest in Radio by taking apart an old metal cabinet Kent Broadcast Receiver.

Worked for GE in the late 40's before going into the US Air Force where I made it a career. It was there that I learned Morse Code and became proficient in many facets of Communication/Electronics. Finished my career in Missile Electronics and then entered the world of QC Engineering in local industry.

I no longer build much gear anymore but over the years, I have operated all modes to include packet, amtor, pactor and gtor. Now, to the advances in the hf digital modes, my juices are flowing again and I'm now active on PSK-31. Finally, a mode to get us OT'ers away from Email and the Computer.

Have been active in the local QCWA Chapter and held most of the Officer positions. I can't say enough how Ham Radio has enriched my life. Since retirement, I have never had a day where I was bored.

Also, I am fortunate to have many military and ham friends who can be depended upon for support and the most generous people on earth.

Married since 1953 with 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

Was licensed in Germany in the early 60's as DL5AV.....

73 es 88, Joe

August 04, 2015